Jonathan McMann

At the last spike.


Hello everyone and welcome back to school in 2019-20. I have been teaching at CCS for 11 years now and I primarily teach Social Studies 9 along with PE 7,9 and Computer Sciences (as well as an option or two). I have been married for 7 years and have two kids a boy and a girl. I have a passion for Social Studies and History as I find the subject material (basically societal interactions) fascinating. Current events is also something I believe is important for everyone to be aware of, whether it is the latest political hot button issue to the latest scientific breakthrough in nanotechnology. 

On that note my interests outside of school tend towards the nerdy and sporty side of things.

I am very excited this year to try new things and build upon the existing talents of my students. I hope you are all as eager as I am to see what we can come up with. Over the course of the year do not hesitate to contact me via email .


or come visit room 126 (weekdays only of course).

I look forward to what this year has in store.